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The process of searching for a therapist can be daunting and stressful. Oftentimes, it’s hard to find a therapist who understands the experience of women, and how it can impact your mental health. Our priority is to match you with a gender-sensitive and culturally competent therapist who can help you achieve your goals.

Our Method

Our approach to increasing treatment outcomes is informed by research and developed by psychologists who care about gender issues and understand the clinical process and factors that facilitate therapeutic change. We use secure technology to protect client data at all times.

Our Proprietary Matching Algorithm n

Our Proprietary
Matching Algorithm

We use a unique matching method that promotes the therapeutic alliance between the client and therapist – a major component of treatment outcomes. 

Treatment Outcome Tracking System

Mental Health Outcome
Tracking System

Our outcome tracking system allows clients to track their treatment progress and make informed health decisions. It also helps therapists to accurately monitor their client’s progress and develop effective treatment plans with their client.

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Supported by Research on Women's Mental Health

Our innovation is driven by the latest research on women’s mental health. Specifically, we carefully study which factors contribute to increased health outcomes for women, and match client and therapist accordingly.

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Your mental health affects your daily functioning, work, and relationships. It’s too important to ignore. Let us connect you with a therapist who appreciates the challenges you’re facing, and can help you reach your potential.

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